Unleashing the power of Africa’s resources

Founded by Samba Bathily, Akon, and Thione Niang, SOLEKTRA INT is one of the new generation of African companies investing in economic growth and employment in Africa.

At the core of our action is the firm conviction that development in Africa depends on the ability of the continent to harness its resources and devise genuine solutions to two major issues: access to energy and clean water.

“The two major issues facing Africa are access to energy and clean water – it is on these that we commit to act and offer solutions.”

Samba-profileSamba Bathily
Co-Founder, CEO of Solektra INT

Finding reliable solutions at an affordable price

Based on an ambitious economic model, SOLEKTRA INT’s mission in Africa is comprised of two major goals:

1.    To devise clean and affordable energy solutions.  Since social and economic growth is impossible without energy, SOLEKTRA INT proposes to capitalize on Africa’s resources to ensure a large access to solar-powered electricity.

2.    To provide access to clean drinking water. SOLEKTRA INT has established partnerships to spread the use of biological water purification systems.

Driving African development

A strong believer in Africa’s strengths and assets, SOLEKTRA INT is seeks to establish a benchmark model on the African Continent, bringing together different actors and providing a source of inspiration for other entrepreneurs.  SOLEKTRA INT works with a number of partners (to view the full list, click here), as well as public authorities and banks to create the synergies that will reinforce the momentum already under way on the African continent.

Activities that promote inclusive growth in Africa

SOLEKTRA INT’s activities and investments are driven by values that we put into effect on a daily basis:

•    Performance and innovation. SOLEKTRA INT develops innovative technological and financial solutions that offer clear, tangible results that make a difference to local populations and to Africa’s economic development.

•    Social responsibility that supports future generations. SOLEKTRA INT plays a major role in local life as a major provider of training, employment opportunities and economic activities for local populations and youths in particular, who account for 70% of Africa’s population.

•    Inclusive development. Our partnerships, products and investments are all based on a win-win approach that lets governments, private sector investors and populations capitalize on existing projects to pursue development opportunities and continue to open up and utilise Africa’s enormous potential.

“We have brought together expertise and partners in complementary fields to meet a common goal: the quick delivery of projects that will have a major impact on the population and the economy.”

Samba-profileSamba Bathily
Co-Founder, CEO of Solektra INT

“Through our investments and solutions and the activities they create, we want to strengthen opportunities for today’s youth and help identify talented people who in turn can be actors of Africa’s growth.”

Thione Niang
Co-Founder, Associate Director of Solektra INT

“Our projects are based on the idea of creating a virtuous circle. By bringing electricity to a village, we provide local populations with positive solutions and economic activities that in turn generate employment and wealth.  It’s a major lever for driving inclusive and rapid development in Africa.”

Co-Founder, President of the board Solektra INT

Short and long-term projects

To pursue its growth objectives, SOLEKTRA INT has drawn up a roadmap for future investments and developments, outlining measures for implementation in 2015 as well as through to 2020:

• 2015 Milestones for SOLEKTRA INT’s development

– Extend our geographic coverage.
– Promote our solutions to the public at large.
– Develop partnerships and strengthen relations with institutions.

• Our objectives for 2020

– Become the reference in the solar power market in Africa.
– Expand footprint in Africa and increase from 11 to 40 by 2020 the number of countries where solar solutions will be offered.
– Democratize access to clean drinking water.
– Continue to create employment and occupational training, with a special emphasis on youth programmes.

“Solektra INT has a structured approach, close to the ground and turned toward the future. We are not the first company to be interested in solar issues and access to water, but we’ve learnt from the past and anticipated the problems. It is one of the keys of our success and this is also why we are going to make the difference over the long term”

Samba-profileSamba Bathily
Co-Founder, President of the board