A unique model


worker-solektraWith an average 325 days of sunshine a year, it is clear to SOLEKTRA INT that Africa has an extraordinary capacity to generate solar-powered electricity. SOLEKTRA INT is establishing a program that takes into account the importance of off-grid technologies – a trend that has been gaining ground over the past few years. The importance of this development can be seen in numerous initiatives. These include the International Off-Grid Renewable Energy Conference organised by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in 2012, and the Scaling Up Renewable Energy Program launched by the World Bank and African Development Bank in January 2015, which will see over $80 million invested in mini-grid projects across Africa.

Water is also a priority for SOLEKTRA INT. Our strategy rests on the use of biological water filters developed by our partner Vestergaard, which offer an innovative alternative for accessing clean and affordable water. Rather than having to build fires to boil water, people can use these filters in their own homes, allowing them to treat water easily and on a sustainable basis.


Developing a targeted 360° model


SOLEKTRA INT’s objective is to provide Africa with the electric and hydro resources it deserves. To achieve this, we consider the key issues at a very early stage. To obtain more information on our operating model, click here.

Finding solutions for projects of every size


SOLEKTRA INT has developed two financing models to run side by side:

  1. Government equipment purchases: SOLEKTRA INT, through tenders, proposes partnership agreements with governments, which agrees to pay for the installation of its public infrastructures within 3 – 5 years, helped by local banks and credit lines of international partners for exportations. States install the infrastructures for their population. There are issues with this approach though, given the limited resources of certain African States.
  1. Management of operations by micro-credit funds or NGOs: The funds or NGOs guarantee payment for the facilities, ensuring infrastructures will be paid for. Allowing for payment in small installments, this sort of financing also offers the advantage of a close working relationship between the organization and the client throughout the entire process.

These financial models make it possible to build a solid network and promote the development of micro-credit funds and Foundations throughout the entire African continent.