Brief overview of Solektra INT’s activities: our success to date

SOLEKTRA INT and its partners are currently present in 14 African countries: Mali, Niger, Senegal, Guinea (Conakry), Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Benin, Guinea Equatorial, Gabon, Republic of Congo, Namibia, Madagascar, Kenya and Nigeria. Proposed solutions are adapted to specific requirements resulting by electrification process in rural areas ; these kits for use within small communities or domestic kits are light, easy to transport, with a good battery life. The following interactive map captures all projects successfully conducted to date.


“Our Unique Selling Point compared to competition? Well it is our experience, our string knowledge of the needs on the ground and our strategy to support employment in Africa. Our key priority is also to bring together the best expertise and technologies available in the solar sector; with Chinese, British or US companies, to bring light to Africa.”

Samba-profileSamba Bathily
Co-Founder, CEO of Solektra INT

1. Mali
2. Niger
3. Senegal
4. Guinea (Conakry)
5. Burkina Faso
6. Sierra Leone
7. Benin
8. Guinea Equatorial
9. Gabon
10. Republic of Congo
11. Namibia
12. Madagascar
13. Kenya
14. Nigeria
15. South Africa
16. Angola
17. Mozambique
18. Tanzania
19. Togo
20. Chad
21. Ivory Coast
22. Democratic Republic of Congo
23. Rwanda
24. Uganda
25. Botswana