Positive solutions to key issues


How do we go about understanding grass root needs?

The two major issues facing Africa today are access to electricity and clean water.  SOLEKTRA INT is very aware of this and uses its presence throughout Africa to establish direct contact with local populations. Thanks to its well-established network of experts, SOLEKTRA INT is aware of the real needs of local populations and can orient deployment to focus on priority issues. The company is also involved in major partnership agreements in Africa with organisations such as Akon Lighting Africa, UN Energy, Give1 project, Africa Energy, the Volunteers in Africa Foundation, Nari China. SOLEKTRA INT also takes great care to ensure that its energy solutions are accessible and responsible, and tailored to local needs.


How do we guarantee maintenance activities in rural areas?

Youth employment is a top priority for SOLEKTRA INT. Maintenance activities in rural areas are carried out almost exclusively by young people based on tailored programs.  The management of solar energy Kiosks, which as part of the initial deployment phase have been set up in Mali, Niger, Senegal, Benin, Guinea, Kenya and Gabon, is mainly addressed to a young labour force.
SOLEKTRA INT takes great care to provide effective and useful training to the young people who want to work for the project and as trained technicians they are the first line of contact with local populations.  They receive training in specialist centres, fully financed by SOLEKTRA INT in areas where there are few alternative employment opportunities.


How do we make sure that project financing is inclusive?

When discussing inclusive approaches to development, we mean reaching out to as many beneficiaries as possible while also offering them the opportunity to contribute to, and support, the project. SOLEKTRA INT’s objective is to encourage as many parties as possible to contribute to operation funding. For SOLEKTRA INT, everyone, regardless of their training level, has a role to play in funding development in Africa. Every part of this investment chain, from investors to sales representatives to users, has a vested interest in the project.  SOLEKTRA INT wants to meet the demand in Africa for quick access to high quality finance and offer stable funding solutions that have an immediate impact.


How do we reinforce ‘Trade’ vs  ‘Aid’?

When they first join SOLEKTRA INT, our young employees are responsible for maintenance activities and serving local populations through the solar energy Kiosks.  Once they have completed their training and learned to put their newly acquired skills into practice, they can become sales representatives, travelling all over Africa to sell SOLEKTRA INT products.  As a result, they overcome any mobility issues that might have prevented some African communities from benefiting from SOLEKTRA INT products.  They also receive a commission on the sales they complete.


How do we strengthen strategic partnerships with governments and the private sector?

Governments are SOLEKTRA INT’s main partners, and the projects carried out are a model of successful public-private partnerships. In return, SOLEKTRA INT facilitates access for governments facing challenges in securing finance, helping to ensure that they no longer have to wait the 2-3 years typical in classic development finance partnerships.    Thanks to its close partnership with Akon Lighting Africa, SOLEKTRA INT organises regular ventures to promote government activities and bring new development prospects to their attention.
SOLEKTRA INT’s aim is to continue to act as a leading business facilitator for African authorities, in order to achieve national development objectives.

“We also developed a unique pre-financing model with local and international banks to ease access to financing for African states, as it is one of the great challenges confronting them.”

Co-Founder, President of the board Solektra INT